Event Participation Policy

Once children have been attending classes in Craobh Phiarais Ui Ghreagain for a number of years, they will have a basic repertoire of tunes. Once they have attained that level of competency, the natural progression is that they would firstly participate in the Thursday Sesiuns, followed by Grupai Ceoil and other events.

During the year Craobh Phiarais students play at different events. These events are diverse in nature and some of them may also involve travel with or without parents. The following is a representative sample of our events:

  • Sessions with other branches
  • Busking
  • Informal Concerts in schools, nursing homes etc
  • Grupai Ceoil at Feis and Fleadh
  • Plearacha/Scoraiocht
  • Formal Public Concerts. E.g. Culture Night, Tradfest etc

Different levels of musical competency are required depending on the event. Children will be invited to play at the events that most suit their skill level and range of musical knowledge. The Musical Director decides which children are eligible to participate in any given event.

Whilst it is desirable that all children are involved in as many events as possible, this may be limited by their musical ability, or behaviour.

The children are representatives of the Craobh at these events. It is expected that they behave appropriately at all times during these events.

The Craobh reserves the right to disallow a student participation in an event where, in their opinion, the health and safety of the student or other students or adults is at risk