Behaviour Policy


In Craobh Phiarais Uí Ghreagáin we aim to foster a love of Irish music. We encourage our students to help one another to develop their potential, both musically and socially, and hope to foster a lifelong participation in traditional Irish music through friendship and fun. We have Child Protection policies in place to ensure that children are dealt with fairly in the Craobh, our Child Behaviour policy ensures that all children play their part in ensuring that fairness and friendship endure.


Students must respect the right of other students to learn. Any behaviour that interferes with this right e.g. constant disruption of the class or persistent distracting of others is considered unacceptable behaviour. Courtesy and respect are basic to classroom behaviour. Disrespectful behaviour towards other students or towards a teacher e.g. defiance, cheek, insolence, will not be tolerated.

Children should encourage one another and help one another to learn.

In order that students benefit from the work in class full co-operation is required from students at all times. Students must co-operate with any instructions given by the teacher.


Students should treat others as they would like to be treated themselves. Any behaviour which endangers or offends others is not permitted. Also, any behaviour which disrupts other classes will not be tolerated.

Students must show respect for the Culturlann property and the property of others at all times.

Running is never permitted in the Culturlann for reasons of safety and to minimise accidents.


Students are required to be in regular attendance in their classes.

Students should be in time for their class, as classes are short and late arrivals disrupt the classes for everyone else.


Students will gain more from their classes and progress more quickly if they practice their class and Grupa tunes regularly. Parents may be contacted if a teacher feels that a child is not progressing due to lack of practice.


The procedure outlined here is followed when dealing with persistent minor or serious misbehaviour by students. The particular steps invoked will depend on the seriousness of the misbehaviour. If the difficulty has not been resolved in one step the next step comes into play. In all cases, it is understood that the child will be dealt with in a sympathetic, understanding manner

  1. The Teacher will primarily request the student to stop the problematic behaviour.
  2. If the problematic behaviour continues then the child’s parents will be informed of the problem and be asked to rectify it
  3. If the behaviour continues after the intervention of the parents, the parents may be asked to remove the child from the class.